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Are you searching for Facebook Ads accounts that can run your Facebook campaigns? You’ve come to the right place if you are. At a very affordable price, we can offer you a fully verified Facebook Ads account with a 100$+ daily spending limit. You can view the details if you are interested.

Information about Our Facebook Ads Account

  • We offer 100% authentic accounts
  • Available are both aged and fresh ads accounts.
  • All our FB Ads accounts are currently active.
  • These accounts are email verified ads accounts and PVA.
  • All accounts are located in the USA.
  • Spending limits for our aged FB ads accounts are higher than $100 per day.
  • Facebook places a daily spending limit of $25 on all new accounts.
  • To verify our accounts, we used a unique US telephone number and email address.
  • Each of our Facebook Ads accounts has been created using dedicated IP addresses.
  • All accounts include a verified, aged Google account that is based in the USA.
  • For greater security, we have also added recovery mail.
  • Each account already has the payment method added.
  • Our FB ads accounts can be used from anywhere in the world.
  • The account maintained a standard profile and many Facebook friends.
  • Our ads accounts were created using authentic and true information.
  • Your purchased FB ads account will only be available to you.
  • We offer a 48-hour replacement guarantee.

What You Will Get

  • You will receive the delivery via email.
  • Your account will be granted access at 100%
  • We will provide you with the login details for your Facebook ads account.
  • You will receive the email address and recovery information.
  • Finally, you will get our sincere customer support.

    What do we deliver

    1. Accounts Details
    2. Login Information
    3. 24/7 Full Support


Introduction to Buying Facebook Ads Account

Facebook’s popularity is something we all know. It is the most popular social media site. It boasts a large amount of traffic that can be turned into potential customers for businesses. Facebook is also sharing this opportunity via its ad program.

Facebook only shows ads to users who are interested in relevant content. There is a good chance that you will get potential customers. You can also promote your ads on Facebook by creating a Facebook ads account.

Buy Facebook Ads Account

Why buy Facebook Ads Accounts

A credit card is required to create a Facebook ads account. You will also have to go through many tedious processes. Some people do not want to use their personal accounts for business purposes. It can be annoying to receive constant business posts from a personal account that his friends and family. It is better to have different accounts for business. You can purchase a Facebook Ads account through us if you don’t have a card or don’t want to go through the process.

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Why you should buy from us

  • Genuine seller
  • Fast delivery
  • Favorable rate
  • Account in active status
  • All verification done
  • Additional payment method
  • Unique IP created
  • Based on the USA
  • With many friends, a standard profile
  • Replacement Guarantee
  • Support for customers 24/7


You should be aware of these things if you decide to purchase a Facebook Ads account. As soon as you get the account, we recommend that you change your password and activate two-factor authentication. This will give you the best security for your Facebook Ads account. Follow all rules and regulations on Facebook. Only one IP is allowed to be used for your account. It will not be replaced if the account is banned or suspended for spamming or rule violations. You can reach the support team with any questions.


We can help you get the highest quality USA Facebook ads account to run your advertising campaigns. We can also provide FB ad accounts for any country.

Please contact us to place an order.


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